VW T4 Transporter

Launched in January 1990 the new VW T4 transporter went into production overlapping the last 2 years of production of the T3. The T4 was manufactured up until 2003.

The new Transporter range was front engined, front wheel drive, watercooled and came in 2 different chassis options

Short Wheel Base: 2920mm (4707mm overall)

Long Wheel Base: 3320mm (5107mm overall)

The payload of these 2 different chassis options were available in:

Short Wheel Base: 800kg, 1000kg, 1200kg

Long Wheel Base: 1200kg

All models (except single cab and double cab) were available with either, tailgate or twin rear doors, single or twin sliding side doors, although the high roof LWB panel van had full height twin rear doors and a single sliding side door.

The T4 Transporter

The T4 Transporter

The T4 was available in 6 body styles

Panel Van

No windows behind the B Post, used mainly for commercial use (builders van)


Also known as a half panel, these had windows between the B and C Posts and featured 2 rows of seats


Also known as the Multivan or Eurovan, had windows all around and featured 3 rows of seats:


Manufactured by Westfalia originally these were, as the name suggests, fully kitted out campers, but many camper conversion companies followed utilising both the short and long wheel base chassis.

Pick Up or Single Cab

A utility vehicle with only 1 row of seats, the rear having a long open pick up bed

Double Cab or Crew Cab

A utility vehicle with 2 rows of seats for additional passengers and a shorter open pick up load bed

The T4 Transporter

The T4 Transporter

The Caravelle range was available in different seat and trim combinations:

SWB: 7, 8 + 9 seat, in the C, CL + GL trim.

LWB: 8, 9, 10 + 12 seat in the C + CL trim.

Short Nose and Long Nose

With the introduction of the larger VR6 engine in 1996 the engine bay at the front of the van needed extending.  These models were known as Long Nose models.  Only available on VR6 models until 1999, after which then saw it as an optional extra on all models until the end of production in 2003.


For the first time the all water-cooled VW engine was installed in the front of all T4 Transporters.  Petrol models were available as 1800cc, 2000cc, 2500cc or V6 engine sizes.  Diesels were available as 1900cc or 2400cc with the option of a 1900cc Turbo Diesel or 2500cc TDI.

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