T4 Transporter Engines

With 11 petrol engines and 12 diesel engines VW had its engine range covered for the T4 in abundance.

Petrol engine range

There were two 4 cylinder petrol engines.  The first was a 1.8 producing 67HP which had the engine code PD.  This featured a Pierburg carburettor and no catalyst.  The second was a 2.0 producing 87HP which had the engine code AAC.  This featured Digifant fuel injection and was available with or without catalyst.

There were Six 5 cylinder 2.5 litre engines all of which were fitted with a catalyst.  The AAF and ACU engines both produced 110HP and were fitted with Digifant fuel injection.  The remaining four engines were fitted with Simos fuel injection.  The AET, APL and AVT produced 115BHP whereas the AEU produced 110HP.

The remaining three engines were all 6 cylinder 2.8 litre VR6 engines.  The AES 12 valve engine was 140HP and was fitted with Bosch Motronic fuel injection.  The AMV and AXK engines were both 24 valve and produced 204HP.

Petrol Engine Code List:

PD1800ccPETROL4 Cylinder66hp09.90 – 12.95
AAC2000ccPETROL4 Cylinder84hp09.90 – 06.03
AAF2500ccPETROL5 Cylinder110hp09.90 – 12.93
ACU2500ccPETROL5 Cylinder110hp01.94 – 10.96
AEN2500ccPETROL5 Cylinder110hp05.95 – 12.95
AET2500ccPETROL5 Cylinder115hp08.96 – 06.03
AEU2500ccPETROL5 Cylinder110hp08.96 – 06.03
APL2500ccPETROL5 Cylinder115hp05.99 – 12.99
AVT2500ccPETROL5 Cylinder115hp12.99 – 06.03
AMV2800ccPETROLVR6 24v204hp05.00 – 06.03
AES2800ccPETROLVR6140hp01.96 – 05.00

Diesel engine range

There were two 4 cylinder diesel engines.  The 1.9 litre non Turbo Diesel engine (1X Engine code) produced 61HP and the 1.9 litre Turbo Diesel engine (ABL Engine code) produced 68HP.

There were ten 5 cylinder diesel engines.  The 2.4 litre Diesel engines produced 78HP without a catalyst (AAB Engine code) or 75HP with a catalyst (AJA Engine code)

The remaining 5 cylinder diesel engines were all TDI.

The 2.5 litre ACV engine (102HP) TDI Direct injection turbo diesel with intercooler and catalyst (rare as only offered for 5 months)

The 2.5 litre AYY (88HP) TDI “Blue I” without intercooler

The 2.5 litre AJT (88HP) TDI “Blue I” Euro 2 without intercooler

The 2.5 litre AYC (102HP) TDI with intercooler

The 2.5 litre AXL (102HP) TDI with intercooler

The 2.5 litre AUF (102HP) TDI with intercooled and catalyst for automatic transmission

The 2.5 litre AHY (150HP) TDI “Red I” Euro 2 with catalyst

The 2.5 litre AXG (150HP) TDI “Red I” Euro 3 with intercooler and catalyst

Diesel Engine Code List:

1X1900ccDIESEL4 Cylinder60hp09.90 – 12.95
ABL1900ccTURBO DIESEL4 Cylinder68hp10.92 – 06.03
AAB2400ccDIESEL5 Cylinder78hp09.90 – 09.98
AJA2400ccDIESEL5 Cylinder75hp04.97 – 06.03
ACV2500ccTDI5 Cylinder102hp09.95 – 06.03
AHY2500ccTDI5 Cylinder151hp05.98 – 09.00
AJT2500ccTDI5 Cylinder88hp05.98 – 06.03
AUF2500ccTDI5 Cylinder102hp11.99 – 06.03
AXG2500ccTDI5 Cylinder151hp09.00 – 06.03
AXL2500ccTDI5 Cylinder102hp04.01 – 06.03
AYC2500ccTDI5 Cylinder102hp04.01 – 06.03
AYY2500ccTDI5 Cylinder88hp10.01 – 06.03