VW Baywindow Bus

The VW Baywindow Bus was launched in August 1967.  It’s production was ended in 1979 after 4.8 million had been built.

Nicknamed the Baywindow after its large, one piece, windscreen the Transporter differed from its predecessor the Splitscreen in nearly all respects.

The engine was still aircooled and included 5 engine sizes from the factory.

The chassis and bodywork basically stayed the same throughout production with the main differences occurring around 1972.  The two different styles of VW Baywindow Bus are known as Early Bay (or Type 2A) and Late Bay (Type 2B).  These are easily recognisable by having rounded Bumpers (Early Bay) and Square Bumpers (Late Bay).  For more details on the changes over the years then see our Production Changes.

Various Body Styles were available from the factory including:


1967 Panelvan

The panelvan does not have any windows down the side of the van.  Some panel vans have been converted over the years into campervans.  In the case of panelvan converted campers they use a unique side window glass that is slightly convex and use a unique window rubber with a filler insert.  So if you need some new side window seals then make sure you order the correct type.

Microbus or Kombi

1977 Tintop Deluxe

The Microbus or Kombi was the most common body style which included windows in the side of the van.  Many of these models were converted into campervans by companies like Dormobile, Devon, Westfalia, etc.  Originally however all of these Buses would have had two rows of seats in the back of the Bus.


VW Pick-up

The VW Pick-up or Single Cab as it is also known had a single cab at the front for the driver and passenger with a flat bed behind.

Double Cab

VW Double Cab

The VW Crew Cab or Double Cab was pretty much the same as the pickup but had an extra row of seats behind the front cab and a shorter rear bed.

Hopefully you will find all the information below in the various sections to identify your Baywindow Bus.  If however you are still unsure then please do not hesitate to contact us.  You can email us at sales@coolairvw.co.ukFacebook Message us or call our shop on 01322 335050

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