VW Info

So you want to know what year your VW is?

Cool Air can help you to identify what year your Volkswagen was manufactured. This should help you to get the right parts that will fit first time.

It’s not just about what year your VW is however.  We can also guide you finding out what size the engine is and what parts were originally fitted to your car when it was manufactured.

Here you will hopefully find all the information you require about your Volkswagen.

This includes the year it was manufactured, it’s engine size and gearbox ratio.

You will also find what parts were originally fitted at the factory. So if you don’t have your chassis number to hand then you might still be able to narrow down what year your car was manufactured.

Ideally you need to get your chassis number, your engine number and your gearbox code.  With all this information to hand you should be able to use the following information to identify your vehicle.

Chassis Numbers

Chassis numbers are found in various positions depending on what model you have.  So click on the model you have and we will help you to find your chassis number.

Engine Numbers

Normally when it comes to an engine number we only need to know the first letter(s) of the code.  These letters determine the engine size when it left the factory.

Gearbox Codes

Gearbox codes are always found on the side of the gearbox.  They determine the type of gearbox and the final drive.

‘M’ Plates

If you own a Splitscreen Bus or Baywindow Bus then we also hold a lot of information that can be found on your ‘M’ Plate.

The ‘M’ Plate (or Bus Plate as it is sometimes known) provides more information than the chassis number.  It includes information on where the Bus was manufactured and the country that it was destined to be sold.  It also includes information on the original colour of the Bus and the optional extra’s that were fitted in the factory.

Go to the Splitscreen Bus or Baywindow Bus section to find out where you can find your ‘M’ Plate.

If you can’t find the information your require in this section then please email sales@coolairvw.co.uk, message us on facebook or call our shop on 01322 335050 and someone will try and help.

Click on your model below to find out all the information you require.

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Mark - March 2020