T4 Production changes

August 1990 on (1991 model year) M chassis

The UK range launches with the 800, 1000 SWB and 1200 LWB (single cab and double cab available as special order)

Caravelles were launched with 7 + 8 seater SWB GL trim, 8 + 9 seater SWB CL trim and 9 seater CL trim.

The Westfalia Multivan is launched

Karmann launch the coachbuilt T4 with the SWB Gipsy 2 and the LWB Cheetah

August 1991 on (1992 model year) N chassis

Westfalia California launches a  SWB Coach model available with or without elevating roof and the LWB Club model with High Top.

Limited edition Multivan Allstar launched

Introduction of the 098 4 speed automatic transmission on the 5 cylinder models

August 1992 on (1993 model year) P chassis

The Syncro 4WD is launched with a 02D 5 speed manual gearbox (no automatic option), available in both the SWB and LWB chassis, with 5 cylinder engines only.

The California Tour LWB is introduced

Bosch ABS (anti lock braking) is introduced

Electronic Differential Lock (EDL) is introduced for Syncro models with rear differential locks

The limited edition Multivan Classic is introduced

Revised petrol engine range:

4 cylinder 1.8 PD engine is dropped from the range

4 cylinder 2.0 AAC engine available only with catalyst

5 cylinder 2.5 ACU (110hp) Digifant fuel injection with catalyst is launched alongside the AAF engine.

Revised diesel engine range:

4 cylinder 1.9 ABL (68hp) Euro 2 compliant, Turbo diesel with EGR

August 1993 on (1994 model year) R chassis

14” wheels are dropped from the 2.0 petrol and 1.9 turbo diesel caravelle models

The 800 “Special” is launched with 15” wheels, power steering, radio/cassette, captains seats with armrests, heated rear window, rubber load mats and half height bulkhead.

2.4 diesel Syncro is available with a 02D “crawler or mountain” ratio gears gearbox

Karmann launch the Karuso coachbuilt

August 1994 on (1995 model year) S chassis

T4’s production reaches 500,000

Power steering becomes standard across the entire range

All transporters come with 15” wheels

The California Biker is launched equipped with 4 bike rack, 6 speaker sound system and leisure battery, available in pop top and “aerodynamic” high top.

The California Exclusive replaces the Club and Tour models

Revised petrol engine:

5 cylinder 2.5 AEN (110hp) Digifant fuel injection with catalyst

Revised gearbox:

The new 01P 4 speed automatic replaces the 098 as an option for the 5 cylinder models in January 1995

1994 T4

1994 T4

August 1995 on (1996 model year) T chassis

In January 1996 the T4 saw a facelift to the model with the introduction of the “long nose” to accommodate the new longer VR6 engine available only in the caravelle range up until 1999, then all models after. This model is known as the t4b.

The Multivan Special is launched

All models fitted with rear disc brakes

Suspension improvements for increased payloads

One piece rear bumper introduced, replacing the 3 piece rear bumper

The Double Cab or Crew Cab pick up are introduced.

TDI models have the distinctive front wing vents, with more rounded front bumpers

Petrol engines available:

4 cylinder 1.9 1X is discontinued

4 cylinder 2.0 AAC

5 cylinder 2.5 AAF, ACU + AEN

6 cylinder VR6 2.8 AES (140hp) 12 valve Bosch Motronic fuel injection

Diesel engines available:

4 cylinder 1.9 ABL

5 cylinder 2.4 AAB

5 cylinder 2.5 ACV (102hp) TDI Direct injection turbo diesel with intercooler and catalyst (rare as only offered for 5 months)

Revised gearbox:

TDI models fitted with 02G 5 speed or can be special ordered with 4 speed automatic.

1995 T4

1995 T4

August 1996 on (1997 model year) V chassis

The California Beach model is introduced, based on the Coach model, with colour coded bumpers and mirrors, 6 speakers, air conditioning, electric windows, anti lock brakes and electronic differential lock.

New petrol engines introduced from May:

5 cylinder 2.5 AEU (110hp) with Simos fuel injection and catalyst

5 cylinder 2.5 AET (115hp with Simos fuel injection and catalyst)

1996 T4

1996 T4

August 1997 on (1998 model year) W chassis

T4 production reaches  1,000,000

The Caravelle Business is launched in both SWB and LWB

The TDI syncro is introduced with the 02G 5 speed gearbox

Revised catalyst diesel engines introduced:

5 cylinder 2.4 AJA (75hp) NA Euro 2 with catalyst

5 cylinder 2.5 AHY (150hp) TDI “Red I” Euro 2 with catalyst

5 cylinder 2.5 AJT (88hp) TDI “Blue I” Euro 2 without intercooler

August 1998 on (1999 model year) X chassis

New dashboard introduced with blue back lighting, a digital service interval indicator and an improved diagnosis facility. The lowline features a rev counter and digital clock, the midline features a trip computer and the highline LHD only features a double din sat nav media package.

The Multivan 2 becomes available in the UK

The Multivan Atlantis is launched in June

The Multivan Generation is launched in July

New 16” new models are introduced with larger 16” wheels and larger brakes as standard with new petrol + diesel engines:

6 cylinder 2.8 AMV (204hp) V6 Bosch mpi 24 valve with catalyst

6 cylinder 2.8 AXK (204hp) V6 Bosch mpi 24 valve with catalyst

5 Cylinder 2.5 AXG (150hp) TDI “RED I” Euro 3 with intercooler and catalyst

1998 T4

1998 T4


August 1999 on (2000 model year) Y chassis

The California Generation is launched, supplied with washing up bowl, cutlery and crockery, cooking utensils removeable carpet and 4 bike rack, available with TDI engines and elevating roofs, compact or full high top roofs

The California Advantage is launched with both TDI “Blue I” and TDI engines

All California models come supplied with remote central locking, additional heater, electric windows, electric mirrors and are long nose as standard.

The limited edition “Indian Blue” 50th Annivesary Edition is launched with only 300 produced featuring electric mirrors, electric windows, central locking, twin sliding doors, anti lock brakes, 15” alloy wheels and a special walkthrough model available as an extra.

Karmann launch the Colorado coachbuilt

New Petrol engines introduced from November:

5 cylinder 2.5 APL (115bhp) VW Simos fuel injection with catalyst

5 cylinder 2.5 AVT (115hp) VW Simos fuel injection with catalyst

New diesel engine introduced:

5 cylinder 2.5 AUF (102hp) TDI with intercooled and catalyst for automatic transmission

1999 T4

1999 T4

May 2000 on (2001 model year from 1st may 2000) 1 chassis

A specially prepared Multivan TDI Syncro by Auto Seikel breaks a world record by travelling the entire length of the Pan American Highway in just 15½ days.

Coachbuilder Stahl launch a special Syncro Double Cab Sportstar model with long nose, revised grille, TDI engine and Caravelle trim, available only in black.

New diesel engine introduced:

5 cylinder 2.5 AYC (102hp) TDI with intercooler

5 cylinder 2.5 AYY (88hp) TDI (Blue I) without intercooler

TDI Syncro and TDI Single cab models are available with “crawler or mountain” ratio gears

2000 T4

2000 T4

May 2001 on (2002 model year) 2 chassis

The California Event is introduced with colour coded bumpers and mirrors, isofix child seat belt fixings, air bags, antilock brakes, electronic diff lock, double glazing, air conditioning and a 4 bike carrier.

The caravelle range undergoes name changes with the CL becoming the Sedan, the GL the Variant and the Limosine 7 seater version is introduced

The multivan Highline spec is available with TDI, TDI “Red I” and VR6 with full leather interior

The rare and weird looking Razorback UTE models introduced into the UK from Australia

New diesel engine introduced:

5 cylinder 2.5 AXL (102hp) TDI with intercooler

All TDI’s become Euro 3 emissions compliant

2001 T4

2001 T4

May 2002 on (2003 model year) 3 chassis

All T4 TDI’s become Euro 3 compliant and the OGD TD engine is dropped.

The X-Pack final edition long nose is launched featuring TDI “Blue I” on the 888 special with glazed tailgate, replacing the 800 1.9 TD Special and SWB 1200 with glazed twin rear doors. This model features cruise control, drivers airbag, drivers adjustable lumber support, armrests on the 1200, electric mirrors and windows, remote central locking and caravelle wheel trims.

The “Final Edition” California Freestyle is launched with tdi and VR6 engine options, featuring air conditioning, isofix child seat belt fixings, airbags, matching utensils, antilock brakes, electronic differential lock and electronic stability programme  or ESP as an option.

2003 T4

2003 T4

March 2003 sees the last T4 models produced alongside the new T5 transporter.