T4 Chassis Numbers and PR Codes

Reading your chassis number

Your chassis number can be found on the top of the dashboard, on a sticker on your service book or on the drivers footwell under the fuse box.

1st and 2nd Digits

These are always WV which states the manufacturer.

3rd Digit

This is a single number which denotes what model the transporter is.

  • 1= Panelvan
  • 2= Window van
  • 3= Chassis cab

4th Digit

This is always ZZZ which is a filler code and has now reference.

5th and 6th Digit

This is always 70 which denotes that it is a VW Transporter

7th Digit

This is always Z which is another filler code with no reference.

8th Digit

This is the important one.  This letter (or number for 2001 to 2003) of the chassis number denotes which year the Bus was manufactured.

M = 1991

N = 1992

P = 1993

R = 1994

S = 1995

T = 1996

V = 1997

W = 1998

X = 1999

Y = 2000

1 = 2001

2 = 2002

3 = 2003

9th Digit

The 9th digit denotes which plant the Bus was manufactured in.

Plant Codes

H= Hannover

X= Poland

10th , 11th, 12th, 13th, 14th and 15th Digits

The last series of numbers is unique to the Bus and refers to its order in the production line.

PR Codes

PR Codes are also found with the chassis number.  A PR code is used to identify the parts used on each unique Bus.  Having these numbers to hand will help you to work out which parts will fit your Bus.