Splitscreen Fresh Air Box

Brand new for August 2020 is this complete Splitscreen Fresh Air Box.

Available in two different sizes.

The larger version is for use on all Splitscreen Buses Except pickup models and the smaller version is for use on Single Cab and Double Cab Pickups.

Manufactured by BBT in Belgium these top quality reproductions are finished in weld through primer so no need to clean up the product. Just weld it as it is straight onto the roof of your Bus.

Splitscreen Bus Air Box
Splitscreen Bus Air Box

Air Boxes are subject to rust over the years due to water and moisture entering them from under the front peak. Not being available until now your only option was to find a decent second hand unit off of another van or patch and repair your original.

And it’s not just the air box that is available….

We also stock a range of other products for your air box including knobs, seals and gaskets. Just check them out below.

Splitscreen Bus Fresh Air System
211817753 – Air Box Flap Cover
211817759 – Air Box Seal
211817773A – Air Box Inner Flap Seal
211817757 – Air Box Flap Seal
211817145 – Air Box Flap Rubber Stops
Air Box Flap Cover Screw
221817793 – Front Air Flap Control Lever
221817847 – Air Distribution Knob

For more information of the Splitscreen Bus Fresh Air and Heating System then why not have a look at our blog written just about it HERE


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