Splitscreen Bus King and Link Pins

Splitscreen Bus Exploded View of Front Spindle

When it comes to the Splitscreen Bus King and Link Pins I think we have pretty much everything covered. Regardless of the year of your Bus we should hopefully have the parts you need.

There are 3 different styles of King and Link Pin set ups depending on the year of your bus. Everything is interchangeable however so it is always worth checking the style of your spindles and the diameter of your Link Pins before ordering to make sure you get the right bits.

Pre August 1962 Splitscreen Bus King and Link Pins.

All models of Splitscreen Bus including Barndoor models manfactured up to July 1962 were fitted with a spindle that had a straight shaft where the brake drum mounts to. The diameter of the link pin should be 19.9mm.

1963 Only Splitscreen Bus King and Link Pins

VW changed the design of the king and link pin set up on Buses manufactured between August 1962 and July 1963. The spindles fitted to this model still featured straight shafts like the earlier models but the Link Pins were increased in size to 21.9mm.

August 1964 to the end of production

The spindles were changed in August 1963 to feature a tapered design which then required different brake drums and wheel bearings. The Link Pins however remain the same larger diameter of 21.9mm.

Complete King and Link Pin Kits.

Kits include all the King Pins, Link Pins, Washers, Seals, Bolts and Bushes to replace both front spindles.

Pre July 1962

August 1962 to July 1963

August 1963 to July 1967

Link Pin Sets

The Link Pins are used to attach the spindles onto the the torsion arms on the front beam of your Splitscreen Bus.

If your King Pins are not worn then also available are these complete Link Pin Sets.

Each kit includes all the parts required to complete the replacement of your link pins on both sides.

Pre July 1962

August 1962 to July 1963

August 1964 to July 1967

King Pins

For those of you that require replacement King Pins then we also stock the full range of uppers and lowers for all models.

Pre July 1962 – Upper

Pre July 1962 – Lower

August 1962 to July 1963 – Upper

August 1962 to July 1963 – Lower

August 1963 to July 1967 – Upper

August 1963 to July 1967 – Lower

All the other nuts, bolts, washers and bushes can be seen on our exploded view of the front spindle. Just click on the little Splitscreen Buses on the diagram to see the part you are after in our webshop.