Speedometer Seal

This Speedometer seal is located between the speedo and the dash. Often missing or perished over the years but now we have them available from stock.

Speedometer Seal
111957375A – Speedo Seal
Speedometer Seal
111957375A – Speedometer Seal

Once installed it creates the perfect seal which stops the speedo from rattling on the dashboard. By keeping the speedo tight to the dashboard it allows for a stable reading of the needle.

Originally fitted to Splitscreen Buses from March 1955 to the end of production in July 1967.

They were also on all models of Karmann Ghia, Beetle and Type 181 Trekkers.

Check to see if yours is there now…

Chrome Speedo Ring

Once you have your new seal installed then why not treat your speedo to a new look with one of our chrome speedo rings.

Three styles are available from our stocks.

The first is a chrome speedo ring for use on all Oval Beetles from 1952 to 1957.

The next is for use on the next generation of VW Beetles from 1958 to 1970.

And finally we have the Splitscreen Bus chrome speedo ring. This fits all models of Splitscreen Bus except the Barndoor models.

All the speedo rings are easy to install and finish off any dash once they are fitted.

To install all you need to do is to release the speedo from the dashboard, push the chrome ring in from the front of the dash. Then simply bend over the tabs to hold it in place.

Once secure then simply bolt back your Speedo.