Beetle Rear Cross Members

We take a closer look at the Beetle Rear Cross Members available from Cool Air VW.

These vital repair panels have been available for a while from Klokkerholm but now a new improved version from BBT is available.

If you lift up the back seat of your VW Beetle. You will see two panels that are located between the central tunnel and each inner rear wheel arch. These panels are called Rear Cross Members.

Right Hand Top Quality Beetle Rear Cross Member
111801202ADTQ – Right Top Quality rear Cross member
Left Hand Top Quality Beetle Rear Cross Member
111801201ADTQ – Left Top Quality Rear Cross Member

They are vital to the strength and ridgitiy of the Beetle and must be in perfect order without rust and rot.

Often however this is not the case. Leaking window rubbers can cause water to leak into the car and pool on the floorpan around the area where these are located.

The flimsy quality of these panels was the only available option after VW Mexico ceased production a few years ago.

Now however BBT have brought some new German manufactured high quality replacement panels to the market.

Manufactured from galvanised 1.4mm thick steel these top quality panels include all the original holes and shapes and fit exactly like the originals.

For those on a tighter budget we are still offering the Klokkerholm Beetle Rear Cross Members. If you can stretch your wallet a little then Quality is always the answer for ease of installation and longativity.

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