Big Bore Carburettor – Stock PICT 3 Style

Give it some welly!

Every now and again a new part comes along that gets us excited for lots of different reasons. These tick all the boxes. A Big Bore carburettor available in 2 sizes. A direct stock replacement and really good value for money for what is basically, a performance single carburettor.

37 PICT Carburettor

We’ve not had a chance to physically test these big bore carburettor’s yet ourselves, but our supplier, the reputable BBT in Belgium, said the results really surprised them. With a noticeable increase in top speed and more importantly torque on a couple of Beetles and a Bus that they tested them on.

These could be “cheap for a reason” of course, but to be honest we trust BBT and at that price they’ve got to be worth a go, we’re looking forward to our delivery today and we’ll give them a good going over.

Available in 2 sizes, a 37mm Big Bore Carburettor and a 39mm Big Bore Carburettor. Both in a Pict 3 style, these carburettors bolt straight on to a standard 1600cc manifold.

39 PICT Carburettor

We would recommend the 37 Pict for 1600cc to 1776cc and the 39 Pict for 1776cc to 1835cc.

Perfect for a mildly tuned street engine just to get a bit more mph and torque. Without the expense and maintenance of a twin carb kit.

They feature chokes and a standard fuel cut off valve as per original so are a straight swap over from the stock 34 Pict 3 and come supplied with mounting gaskets and fittings, a spacer (for engine fitted with an alternator conversion) and a complete set of replacement jets.

Retail is £159.50* including VAT, but we’re offering these with a special NEW PRODUCT 10% discount until Christmas 2020, for only £143.55 each!

To get your 10% discount then use discount code BIGBORECARB at checkout.

*Retail Price correct as of October 2020.