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T4,G1,G2 Headlight Wiring Loom Harness Upgrade Kit

Enhance Your Night Driving with Our Headlight Upgrade Wiring Harness

Transform your driving experience with our Headlight Upgrade Wiring Harness, specifically designed for all Mk1 and Mk2 Golf`s as well as Short Nose T4 Transporters.

This high-quality wiring harness ensures your headlights receive the full 12.4 volts directly from the battery, providing optimal brightness and improving visibility during nighttime driving.

Say goodbye to dim, candle-like headlights and enjoy a safer, more illuminated drive.

Key Benefits:

  • Maximum Brightness: By routing power directly from the battery to your headlights, this wiring harness ensures that your headlights receive the full voltage they require, eliminating the common issue of dim lights in many models.
  • Plug and Play Installation: The loom is completely plug and play, making installation straightforward and hassle-free. No need for cutting or splicing wires—simply connect and go.
  • Versatile Compatibility: Suitable for various models with H4 bulbs, this harness fits all Mk1 and Mk2 Golf`s, as well as Short Nose T4 Transporters. It`s designed to work with both 2 and 4 headlamp configurations, though it will only connect to the outer pair in 4 headlamp setups.
  • Durable Construction: Built to last, this wiring harness uses high-quality materials and connectors to ensure reliable performance and long-term durability.

Important Compatibility Information:

  • Suitable Models: All Mk1 and Mk2 Golf`s, Short Nose T4 Transporters
  • Incompatible Models: Long Nose T4 Transporters (1996-2003)
  • Bulb Type: H4 bulbs
  • Headlamp Configuration: Fits vehicles with both 2 and 4 headlamps, but only the outer pair in 4 headlamp models

Easy Installation Steps:

  • Disconnect Battery: Ensure safety by disconnecting the vehicle`s battery before beginning installation.
  • Connect Harness: Plug the wiring harness connectors into the corresponding headlamp sockets.
  • Route to Battery: Run the harness along the existing wiring pathways to the battery.
  • Secure Connections: Attach the harness connectors to the battery terminals, ensuring a secure connection.
  • Reconnect Battery: Reconnect the vehicle`s battery and test the headlights to ensure they are functioning at full brightness.

Why Upgrade?

Standard factory wiring often results in voltage drops, leading to dim headlights that can compromise safety.

Our headlight upgrade wiring harness provides a direct power route, maximizing headlight performance and ensuring you can see and be seen clearly.

This upgrade is especially valuable for older vehicles known for their suboptimal lighting systems.

Invest in Safety and Performance
Upgrade your Mk1 or Mk2 Golf, or Short Nose T4 Transporter today with our Headlight Upgrade Wiring Harness.

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with better visibility and enhanced safety during night driving.

Manufacturer: FORST


Unit of Measure: Kit


Width: 0mm

Height: 0mm

Depth: 0mm

Volume: 0mm3

Weight: 0kg

This Part Fits: T4 Transporter, Mk1 Golf, Mk2 Golf,


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