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**NCA** 4x130 PCD JBW Sprintstar Alloy Wheel in Matt Black

The SPRINT alloy wheel from JBW wheels is available in 2 different stud patterns and 2 different finishes.

Each wheel is 5 inches wide with a 15 inch diameter.

The 4×130 PCD has an offset of ET25 and a 60 degree tapered seat for the wheel bolts/nuts.

The 5×205 PCD has an offset of ET20 and a 60 degree tapered seat for the wheel bolts/nuts.

Each style of wheel is available in Black/Machined or Matt Black/Silver finshes.


What is PCD?

PCD stands for Pitch Circle Diamter and is a measure of the wheel stud/bolt hole locations.  The PCD is a circle with its centre at the centre of the face of the wheel.  The centres of the mounting holes are equally spaced around this circle.  So for example a 4x130mm PCD means four mounting holes, equally spaced around a 130mm diamter circle from the centre of the wheel.

Orignal PCD measurements:

  • Pre 1967 Beetle (wide 5) = 5×205 PCD
  • 1968 Onwards Beetle (4 stud) = 4×130 PCD
  • Splitscreen Bus (wide 5) = 5x205PCD
  • Baywindow Bus 1968 to 1970 (wide 5) = 5×205 PCD
  • Baywindow Bus 1971 to 1979 (Small 5) = 5×112 PCD
  • Type 25 Buses 1979 to 1992 (Small 5) = 5×112 PCD
  • Porsche Hubs (5 Stud) = 5×130 PCD

NOTE: Karmann Ghia`s and Type 3 Variants use the same stud patterns as the VW Beetle.

What is the offset of a wheel?

The offset is the distance from the mounting face of the wheel (where it mounts against the wheel hub), and the centreline of the wheel`s width.  It will be expressed as a distance, usually in mm and called ET.

Manufacturer: JBW


Unit of Measure: Each


Width: 0mm

Height: 0mm

Depth: 0mm

Volume: 0mm3

Weight: 7kg

This Part Fits: Beetle, Karmann Ghia, Trekker, Type 3, Buggy,


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