Transporterhaus & Coolair team up for same day product dispatch!

When it comes to high quality suspension and brake products then you need to look no further than Transporterhaus, proudly made in the UK.

Suspension and brakes are such an important part of your car and quality should be everything.

Transporterhaus have been designing and manufacturing quality suspension and brake products for Aircooled Volkswagen and Porsche models since 2006.

Based in Kent, the Garden of England, they possibly manufacture more spring plates than any other firm worldwide.  Their in house unique tooling for the VW Aircooled range is second to none. Traditional Spline and Gear production machinery with modern CNC milling and turning centres enable them to produce products in house to the same high quality standard as they left the Volkswagen Factory.

We have been working hard with Alex from Transporterhaus over the last year or so, coming up with a solution to a major problem, supply and demand.

Split Screen VW lowered springs

High Quality Suspension and Brake Products

Everyone knows the quality of Transporterhaus products.  Whether it’s a brand new adjustable beam, an IRS Conversion or a pair of adjustable spring plates, each product has been engineered to fit first time, without issues.

The main problem with this manufacturing process is that it all takes time.  With long lead times on products out of stock this has been the concerns with the products which can delay your build by weeks if not months!

But hopefully this is a thing of the past…

VW Beetle Convertable

Matching Fantastic Products with Excellent Distribution

Rob from Cool Air and Alex from Transporterhaus have put their heads together and have done what they do best, to supply the V-Dub community with the products they want and need in a timescale that is acceptable for all.

Cool Air has stepped up to the challenge to bring you the complete range of Transporterhaus products ready to dispatch the same day you order.

With sole distribution rights the only place to buy your Transporterhaus products is now from Cool Air.  That’s right…You can’t even get them from Transporterhaus themselves.

By coming up with this deal it allows Transporterhaus to concentrate on production and for Cool Air to deal with all the customer’s needs.

Hopefully it is a win, win for all!

VW Split Screen lowered suspension

All in stock and ready to dispatch:
The Transporterhaus range of products can now be with you within a matter of days

Transporterhaus Products
now Stocked by Cool Air:

Splitscreen Bus Adjustable Beams

If your Bus was built after March 1955 then we can supply you with a brand new front axle which has been CNC manufactured to the highest standard for a perfect fit first time.

Each beam comes complete with:

  • Adjustable Delrin Inner Bushes (Can be adjusted if you have worn trailing arms)
  • Both Left Hand Drive and Right Hand Drive Steering Damper Mounts
  • Top Quality German Manufactured beam adjusters for height adjustment
  • Grease Nipples
  • Supplied with a choice or outer Delring Bushes or Outer Needle Bearings (1964 onwards models only)

Available as a 2”, 3” or 4” Narrowed beam with fixed or adjustable camber.

Baywindow Bus Adjustable Beams

For Baywindow owners we also have you covered with a complete range of Front Axles.

Built to the same high quality as the Splitscreen Beams, these Baywindow Beams include multi-point fitment which allows you to mount them on all Baywindow Buses regardless of year.  They can also be mounted onto Splitscreen Buses for those of you that wish to upgrade you suspension to ball joint, instead of the original King and Link Pin set up.

Each beam comes complete with:

  • Adjustable Delrin Inner Bushes (Can be adjusted if you have worn trailing arms)
  • Both Left Hand Drive and Right Hand Drive Steering Damper Mounts
  • Top Quality German Manufactured beam adjusters for height adjustment
  • Grease Nipples
  • Left Hand Drive and Right Hand Drive Brake Servo Mounts
  • M12 Top shock bolt bushes
  • Outer Needle Bearings

Each beam is available in stock width or narrowed by 2”, 3” or 4”.

All sizes stocked for quick dispatch

IRS and Straight Axles Conversions

For those of you with a Splitscreen Bus then why not convert your rear suspension to IRS or Straight Axle with one of these UK Manufactured conversion kits.

Originally the Splitscreen Bus was fitted with gear reduction boxes on the rear axle.  Although great for towing and pulling up hills, these reduction boxes limit your top speed and make driving at motorway speeds near on impossible.  With and IRS or Straight Axle kit installed then you can unleash the power of your engine and keep up with today’s modern cars a little easier.

Porsche Brake Kits

Transporterhaus can supply all the custom manufactured brackets and parts required to install Porsche Brakes onto your Splitscreen or Baywindow Bus.  Kits are available for both the front and rear.  All you will need is the Porsche Parts to go with our kits and your fellow Bus owners will be drooling over your Porsche Brake set up.

Custom Brake Kits from Transporterhaus

Adjustable Spring Plates

With over 50 different variations the Transporterhaus range of Adjustable Spring Plates are second to none.  If you have an Aircooled VW or Porsche and want a pair of adjustable spring plates then we will have a pair that will suit your application and requirement.

Made in the UK to the highest standard, TIG welded and Zinc passivated these spring plates are without doubt the best on the market and at a competitive price, so no need to be tempted by other inferior products out there to save a couple of quid, believe us there are some shocking products on the market.

Each pair of spring plates include specially moulded rubber torsion bar bushes already installed unlike some of our competitors, so they are ready to fit straight out of the box with no hidden costs of having to purchase bushes separately.

Features include:

  • Manufactured from High Tensile Steel
  • CNC made boss
  • Broached Torsion Splines
  • TIG Welded
  • Radius Adjusters
  • Zinc Passivated
  • Available in stock height or a range of built in drops to lower your Dub even more.