September 2019

There was chill in the air this morning for sure, we don’t know if we’re ready for that yet! Autumn is definitely lurking round the corner so can we please squeeze in a few more warm days and weekends Mother Nature? We’ve still got projects on the go and not enough garage space! Just checking my phone, it’s always a result to see a row of sun icons for the next 4 days, sweet… and it looks like a cracking weekend on the way too.

How was everyone’s Summer? We hope you crammed in as many shows, weeks/weekends away camping as possible and hopefully no down time with any mechanical issues.

We’ve had some extremes of weather this August it’s been all over the place, record high temps of 33 degrees and lows of 2 degrees all in the same month, bonkers.

So what have we been up to apart from serving our awesome customers?

Rob got married recently. It was a fantastic day for all the Cool Air family and Sarah S is now a Bowes. So if you’re calling to speak to Sarah Bowes, there are now 2 just to liven things up.

Rich has been camping as much as possible this year mainly in his late Westy style T25/T3, with only a couple of trips out in the Early Bay. 

Christian took his biennial summer euro trip to the Belgium Ardennes in his T25/T3 Gipsy, which was a scorcher this time with 30+ degrees the whole trip.

Vinnie has been to a ton of UK shows this summer and can be seen mainly near the hard shoulder shouting at his Type 3 Squareback in German, if you see him, give him a push, he’s not had much luck this year.

Sarah + Lee have recently traded their rapid Golf R in for an all the mod cons GTD, with their 1 hour commute the fuel economy has nearly doubled and they’ve halfed their fuel bill in one go, an amazing bit of kit.

Splitscreen Front Handling Overhaul Bundle Kits

Feeling a bit wibbly wobbly when driving your bus? Then it may be time to overhaul your steering and anti roll bar components.   These money saving kits available for both Splitscreen and Baywindow Vans include the major components to renew and replace your front end handling.


Kit Contains:

1 x Draglink 1 x Fixed Tie Rod with ends 1 x Adjustable Tie Rod with ends 1 x Steering Idler Pin Kit 2 x Anti Roll Bar Mount Kits

Part Number: BK23600

Manufacturer: Various, but all Good – Top quality


Baywindow Bus Front Handling Overhaul Bundle Kit


Kit Contains:

1 x Draglink 1 x Fixed Tie Rod with ends 1 x Adjustable Tie Rod with ends 1 x Steering Idler Pin Kit 2 x Anti Roll Bar Mount Kits 4 x Top quality Ball Joints

Part Number: BK23599

Manufacturer: Various, but all Good – Top quality


Early Baywindow Fuel Gauge


New from JP Group in Denmark this grey faced fuel gauge is for use on all Early Baywindow vans from 1968 – 1973. Although the wire colours are different from factory the instructions are listed on the website as to what goes where.

Part Number: 211957063

Manufacturer: JP Group Denmark


Splitscreen Van Straight Axle Conversion Kit


This straight axle conversion kit allows you to remove the reduction boxes giving you better gearing on your Splitscreen Van.

This kit includes a pair of non adjustable springplates, axle tubes fitted with rear hub carriers and a pair of handbrake cable conversion tubes.

Other parts are required for this conversion, click the image to see the full installation listing and brake options. We also sell IRS conversion kits.

Part Number: SABEETLE

Manufacturer: Various, but Top Quality


Type 25/T3 Lower Radius Control Rods (1979-1985)

£58.50 (sold each and handed)

Finally available new, these early Type 25 or T3 lower radius control rods are the style that bolt on as fitted to early vans up to 1985. Current lead time on these is 2-3 weeks from 18.09.19

Part Numbers: 251407059 (Left)

251407060 (Right)

Manufacturer: JP Group Denmark