October 2019

Happy October everyone! Autumn is definitely here as Kent is very moist… but less than a month until Slough Swapmeet, so something to look forward to at least in the show calendar.

In our October 2019 newsletter we’ve hand picked a few of the quality ON SALE parts we’ve currently got listed and we’re adding quite a few more over the next couple of days, so it’d be worth checking the sections often.

They’re all new stock, no seconds or damaged items, just parts we’ve decided to mark down, some significantly, to make room for new stock on it’s way and have a little clear out as we enter the Autumn/Winter season.

All of the “On Sale” prices are limited to parts in stock on the shelf, so when they’re sold at that price, they go back to full retail.

We hope you can find a bargain on some parts you may need, whether it’s for an upcoming project or something that you were about to order and boom, it’s On Sale anyway!   Check out the Special Offers section on the website for the full listing.

Type 25 Rear Trailing Arm
Type 25 Rear Trailing Arm

T25 or T3 Rear Trailing Arms


Brand new replacement rear trailing arm to fit all 2WD and 14″ Syncro models Sold complete with the bushes installed

Part Numbers:
251501402E (Right)
251501401E (Left)

Manufacturer: JP Group Denmark


1200cc Beetle Exhaust

1200cc Exhaust (1960-62)


1200cc exhaust originally fitted to Beetles and Karmann Ghias from August 1960 to November 1962, these exhausts look very similar to the later versions but have triangular pre heat manifold flanges.

Part Number: 111251051L

Manufacturer: JP Group Denmark


Baywindow Bus Front Wheel Tub
Baywindow Bus Front Wheel Tub

Baywindow Front Wheel Housing Tubs


Inner front wheel housing tub to fit all year Baywindow buses, these are also known as a front tub repair

Part Numbers: 211801325P (Left) 211801326P (Right)

Manufacturer: JP Group Denmark


Early Bay Engine Lid

Early Bay Engine Lid (1968-1971)


Brand new replacement engine lid for use on all Volkswagen Early Bay buses from 1968 to 1972. This engine lid will fit all Baywindow Buses with removable rear valances. Good quality product.

Part Number: 211827025F

Manufacturer: BBT Belgium


Beetle Black Sunvisors

TMI Black Beetle Sunvisors (1958-1964)


Replace those old tattered sunvisors with these excellent new reproductions from TMI in the USA, sold in pairs, finished in black vinyl and fit all sedan and convertible Beetles from 1958 to 1964.

Part Number: TMI212015

Manufacturer: TMI USA


Splitscreen Bus Popout Window

Splitscreen Bus Side Pop Out Window Kit


Popout window kit for the side window of all Splitscreen Buses. Each kit consists of frame, seals and glass to replace your existing popout window or convert your static window. Please note that these kits do NOT include a hinge. You will need one hinge per window if you are replacing static windows.

Part Number: 211898105A

Manufacturer: JP Group Denmark


Automec Copper Brake Line Kit

Copper Brake Line Kits


Top quality copper brake line kit made in the UK to the highest standard. Made from copper pipe with brass fittings for non corrosive long life. This kit includes all the pipes required to replace your damaged or corroded steel brake pipes To complement the kits we also stock DOT 5 silicone brake fluid

Splitscreen Bus

Barndoor 50-55 LHD£79.50 

Part Number:AUTOMECGL6388

Barndoor 50-55 LHD Dual Circuit£74.50 

Part Number: AUTOMECGB6390

Barndoor 50-55 RHD Dual Circuit: £79.50

Part Number: AUTOMECGB6390

56-63 LHD: £79.50 

Part Number: AUTOMECGL6389

Baywindow Bus:

RHD Without Servo: £99.50 

Part Number: AUTOMECGB6411

Karmann Ghia:

RHD: £79.50 

Part Number: AUTOMECGB6392

Manufacturer: Automec UK