Product Reviews and FAQ’s

Product Reviews: I love this product!…

Don’t just tell us, tell everyone. Another cool feature on the website is you can now leave your own reviews about a product you’ve purchased for everyone to see.

This really does have its positives, not only can you let other dubbers know and confirm a good quality product we list, but also good value, how well it fits, this especially applies on the top quality parts where sometimes there’s a doubt if paying that little extra is worth it and you just needed a second or third opinion.

Understandably it’s not everyone’s cup of tea to leave reviews on parts and products they buy, but we hope that the reviews left will be helpful and useful, so if you do purchase something that is worth shouting about, please review it for your fellow VW Owner.

As an incentive, we’re offering 25 Cool Credits (what are Cool Credits???) to any review left that is a confirmed purchase and approved our end. What we mean by that is we won’t post a negative review that the Type 3 part you purchased for your vintage Volvo powered hovercraft doesn’t fit, (true story).

Also FAQ’s (frequently asked questions) is a new feature that we’ll be building up and working on over time, if there’s a question asked that isn’t on the part description and we feel is a worthy addition or footnote we’ll include it below the part, a bit like a mini fitment review or alternative compatibility option if available.

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