MY VW, a website built just for your car…

In the development of the new website we discussed at long length about a feature that we thought would really benefit everyone, where you can filter out all the parts that don’t fit or relate to your VW, so we have set up “My VW”.

We realised that with over 15,000 stand alone parts (and upwards of 55,000 parts including variations on parts) it can be a little overwhelming for some with so many choices, especially if you’re new to or it’s your first classic VW, or you just prefer to filter out everything that doesn’t fit yours, we get that. Alternatively, if you like the website in all its “Technicolor” glory, you don’t have to use it.

MY VW = Your Website

With this tool, when you’re logged into your account, you can enter your specific model and year of VW and it will display every part that fits your vehicle and nothing that won’t, making browsing and navigating the website that much simpler.

Click on the tab on the right of the website to complete the info:

  • Name your VW
  • Select the Model
  • Enter the year
  • Choose the engine size

Also, if you have multiple VW’s as many of our customers have, you can add and name as many “My VW’s” as you like, enabling you to switch between vehicles quickly and easily. You don’t need to be registered or logged in to use the My VW function, but it will only save your vehicles to a registered account, if not logged in all info will be lost after your current session.

For those looking to customise or upgrade their VW it will include all the options available so for example, if you have a 1971, 1300cc, twin port Beetle, it won’t just show you 1300cc barrels and piston kits, but will also show you the upgraded 1776cc barrels and piston kits when in the engine section, but it won’t show you parts for a Type 181 Trekker for example.

So it’s not limited to OE model factory fitted specific parts, it just won’t show you earlier model 30hp barrel and piston kits for example that won’t fit your Beetle.

Search or Surf

Once you have set your MY VW up you can shop on the website exactly how you normally do. If you prefer to use the search box then simply type your search word(s) into the search box and hit go. All the results returned will be filtered to MY VW. So there is no need to include your model in any searches anymore.

MY VW ‘1964 Splitscreen Bus’ – Search ‘Brake Shoes’ – Returns 19 results instead of 101!

Or if you prefer to shop by clicking through the categories then that’s not a problem either. Just work your way through the sections and you will be amazed by the results.

MY VW ‘1964 Splitscreen Bus’ – Category ‘Brake Shoes’ – Returns 11 results instead of 17!

Whichever way you prefer it is up to you. We always however show you how many products MY VW has filtered out of view. So if you can’t find the part you are looking for then you can disable MY VW with 1 click and all the results will be displayed.

As above you don’t have to use it if you don’t want to, enabling the full website and complete experience, but having tested it thoroughly it really does tailor the website to your specific vehicle and works really well.

Let us know your thoughts after giving it ago, we’ll think you’ll like it.