Bundle Kit of the week – 10th September

If you’re a little frosty in your aircooled T3 or T25 bus and tired of wearing 3 hats and 6 jumpers, then this kit may be the answer. Rejuvenate your heating system and restore some warmth to add that extra level of comfort on your next journey or road trip.

This week’s money saving extra value “Bundle Kit of the Week” featured is a brand new one we’ve created, for early aircooled T3 or T25 models.

T3 or Type 25 2000cc Aircooled Heat Exchanger Bundle Kit

RETAIL: £ 658.10


Comprehensive replacement heat exchanger bundle kit for early T3 or Type 25 vans from 1979 – 1983 that are fitted with an aircooled Type 4 2000cc CU code engine.

Quality: Good quality reproduction

Quantity: This kit contains:

1 x left heat exchanger
1 x right heat exchanger
1 x left heat exchanger elbow
1 x right heat exchanger elbow
1 x left heat exchanger control box
1 x right heat exchanger control box
4 x flat heat exchanger to head gaskets
2 x heat exchanger to exhaust gaskets

Applications: VW Type 25 Van: 1979 – 1983

Also Available:

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Baywindow Bus Type 4 Heat Exchanger Bundle Kit – 1972-78 (Copper Ring Gasket Model)

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Baywindow Bus Type 4 Heat Exchanger Bundle Kit – 1978-79 (Flat Gasket Model)

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Prices correct as of 27th August 2021