Ruby Tuesday 8

Its back for 2021, Cool Air is proud to announce our 8th Annual Ruby Tuesday Sale Day!

Tuesday 23rd November 2021

Because no Friday should ever be black, we don’t do Black Friday here at Cool Air and prefer to bring a little colour to the week a few days early.

As always on Ruby Tuesday for one day a year only we offer a 10% discount on absolutely anything and everything we sell at Cool Air!

Yes absolutely everything! All day, on the website, on the phones and in the shop

As it is 10% off everything it’s the perfect opportunity to take advantage of some of the big ticket items where the saving really adds up quickly:

All Engines and Gearboxes, Carburettor Kits, Suspension Kits, Disc Brake Conversions, Wiring Looms, Complete Interiors, Repair Panel Kits, Stainless Exhausts, Shifters, Automatic Fire Suppression Systems and so much more…


It includes all our Bundle Kits as well that are already heavily discounted!

Front Beam Kits, Alloy Wheel Sets, Performance Engine Kits, Electronic Ignition Upgrade Kits, Lowering Kits, Complete Vehicle Rubber Seal Kits, Seat Cover Sets, Carpet Sets and so much more…

If you’ve set up a wish list on the website, this could be the day that makes those wishes a reality!

All you need to do is enter Discount Code:


Enter the discount code in your basket before checking out to guarantee 10% off everything.

Don’t forget too that for every pound spent you’ll also earn a Cool Credit as well, so the more you spend, the more you save off your next order!

What you don’t know about Cool Credits? click the link to learn more.

What’s on your list?