VW Trekker Gearbox Codes

The gearbox fitted to the VW Trekker was the same as the 4 speed manual gearbox fitted to the VW Beetle but with lower gearing.

It was a manual 4 speed synchronized transmission located directly in front of the engine at the rear of the car.

The front of the gearbox was supported by a 2 bolt rubber gearbox mount bolted to the chassis and the nosecone of the gearbox.  The rear of the gearbox was supported with two rubber mounts located at the bottom of the gearbox bell-housing which mounted to the gearbox frame-horns.

The original gearbox was a Swing Axle model from the VW Beetle which was fitted with 2 reduction boxes (1 on each rear wheel) just like the Splitscreen Bus.  These reduction boxes reduced the drive producing lower end power.  Due to the reduction boxes the differential was fitted to the opposite side resulting in the gearbox working backwards.  The reduction boxes then convert the gears to their normal 4 forward and 1 reverse gear.

In March 1973 (from chassis number 183 2346 525) the gearbox was changed to an IRS version which was taken out of the 1302 Beetle.  This new IRS version removed the need for the reduction boxes and instead included Separate half shafts with CV joints located at the end of each shaft.  These CV joints were the same as the Type 4 Variant with the inner CV Joints smaller in diameter than the outer ones.  These Type 4 CV Joints had the ability to operate up to an angle of approximately 21 degrees.  As a temporary fix standard Beetle CV Joints can be used as a replacement to the inner CV Joints and Baywindow Bus CV Joints can be used as a replacement for the outer joints.  Although the operating angle of these joints is approximately only 17 degrees so can wear prematurely.

Type 181 Gears

Type 181 Gears


Both the 1500cc and 1600cc models were fitted at the factory with a 200mm clutch.

The clutch is located in the bell-housing at the rear of the gearbox where the engine mounts.

All VW 181 models were installed with the later style 200mm clutch.  This clutch included a clutch release bearing with integral clips which moved on a guide sleeve.

Gearbox Codes:

AT = 3.875

BG = 3.875

AH = 4.125

DC = 4.125

AV = 4.125

BA = 4.375

GA = 4.375