VW Type 3 Gearbox Codes

A Type 3 Gearbox sits directly in front of the engine at the rear of the car.

It is supported at the front of the gearbox (The Nosecone) by a rubber gearbox mount which is attached to the torsion bar tube.  At the rear of the gearbox there are two rubber mounts at the bottom of the gearbox which mount to the gearbox frame-horns.

Drive to the engine is supplied by a threaded input shaft.

All Pre 1968 Type 3 models run Swing Axle Rear Suspension and from 1968 onwards run Independent Rear Suspension or IRS for short.  This was a major upgrade from the Swing Axle Suspension.  With the change of suspension came all new designed gearbox mounts.


Pre August 1962 Type 3 Variants utilised a 180mm Clutch.  From August 1972 to the end of production a larger 200mm Clutch was installed.  It is located in the bell-housing at the rear of the gearbox where the engine mounts. The clutch pressure plate and the release bearing changed however in September 1970 to a much stronger and more reliable version.

All clutches fitted to a Type 3 Variant are operated by a clutch cable which runs through a tube under the chassis to the clutch pedal.  The clutch cable changed in length in 1965 but the conduit that it runs through remained the same through all production years.

Automatic Gearboxes

In August 1967 the introduction of an automatic transmission was offered as an extra option to the Type 3 Variant.

Split into two parts the front of the gearbox contained the epicyclic train and the oil pump.  The rear part contained the gears and final drive.  Finally a torque converter was bolted to the flywheel inside the bell-housing.

Gearbox CodeModelFinal DriveNotes
DA1500cc/1600cc4.125Swing Axle >08/1968
DB1500cc/1600cc4.125Swing Axle >08/1968 with LSD
DC1500cc/1600cc4.125IRS 08/1968>
DDA1500cc/1600cc4.125IRS 08/1968> with LSD