Type 3 Engine Codes

As in the standard Type 1 engine the Type 3 engine was an aircooled four cylinder boxer engine.

From 1961 to 1965 all the engines were 1500cc (1493cc).  The displacement was made from a 69mm stroke crankshaft and an 83mm diameter piston.

As with all aircooled VW engines the valves were actuated via pushrods and rocker arms driven by a single camshaft.

The engine block was basically the same to the 1500cc engine fitted into the VW Beetle with just a modification to the dipstick.

1600 Type 3 Engine

1600 Type 3 Engine

In order for the engine to be installed into the Type 3 however all of the engine components had to be re-designed to save height.

The original VW 1500 was fitted with a single side draught carburettor (Solex 32 PHN-I) instead of the downdraught carburettor fitted to the VW Beetle.  The cooling fan was re-located to the end of the crankshaft and all new tinware was designed in order to distribute the air over the engine.

In 1964 the VW 1500S was launched which had a slightly higher horsepower output and was fitted with Twin carburettors.

In 1967 the standard 1500 engine was replaced with a 1600cc (1584cc) version and was either installed with Twin 32 PDSIT carburettors or a Bosch fuel injection system.

Engine SizeEngine CodeSP/TPYearBHP
1500ccOSINGLE PORT1961-196450
1500ccKOSINGLE PORT1965-197254
1500ccMOSINGLE PORT1965-197252
1600ccPOTWIN PORT1966-196754
1600ccTOTWIN PORT1966-197365
1600ccUOTWIN PORT1968-197365
1600ccU5TWIN PORT1971-197365