VW Type 25 Gearbox Codes

The Type 25 featured either 4 speed or 5 speed manual gearboxes, or a 3 speed automatic gearbox.

The 4 speed gearbox was very similar to that of the Baywindow bus with reverse being in the down towards the left and then a traditional 4 speed gearshift gate.

The 5 speed gearbox featured a dogleg first gear which meant 1st gear was accessed by pushing the gearstick down towards the left (where reverse gear is in the 4 speed model).  2nd gear was then where 1st would normally be, 3rd where 2nd would normally be and 4th where 3rd would normally be.  Reverse was located above 1st gear.

4 Speed Gearboxes

2D >08/1982
4D >07/1984
5D >07/1984
6D 1600cc Diesel 10/1982-10/1984
AAB 44KW Petrol >08/1984
ABD 57/61KW Petrol >08/1984
ABE 54/57/61KW Petrol >08/1984
ABF 1600cc Diesel >08/1984
ABH 1600cc Turbo Diesel >01/1985
ABS 1600cc Turbo Diesel 02/1985>
ACP 1600cc Diesel 03/1984>
ACR 1600cc Diesel 03/1984>
ACW 70/82KW Petrol >02/1985
ALD 1700cc Diesel >09/1986
AOJ 70KW Petrol >08/1989
APF 1700cc Diesel 06/1987-08/1989
AVW 1600cc Aircooled 08/1978-08/1980
DH 1600cc Aircooled >08/1982
DK 2000cc Aircooled 08/1978-08/1980
DM 1600cc Diesel >08/1982
DN 1600cc Aircooled 08/1978-08/1980
DP 2000cc Aircooled 08/1978>
DS 1600cc Diesel >08/1982
DT 44KW Petrol >08/1984
DU 57/60KW Petrol >08/1984
DY 1600cc Diesel 10/1982-08/1984

5 Speed Gearboxes

3H 1600cc Turbo Diesel >01/1985
3P 57/61/66KW Petrol >08/1984
7D 44KW Petrol >11/1983
8D 57KW Petrol >11/1983
8E 57/61/66KW Petrol 12/1983-1984
8F 44KW Petrol 12/1983-1984
8H 44KW Petrol 12/1983-1984
8K 1600cc Diesel 12/1983-1984
8L 1600cc Diesel 12/1983-1984
9D 1600cc Diesel >11/1983
AAP 70/82KW >02/1985
AAR 82KW Petrol >01/1987
AAS 1600cc Diesel >01/1985
ABK 44KW Petrol 08/1987-08/1989
ABL 44KW Petrol 08/1984-08/1989
ABM 54/61/66KW Petrol >08/1984
ABN 54/61/66KW Petrol >08/1984
ABP 1600cc + 1700cc Diesel >08/1984
ABR 1600cc + 1700cc Diesel >08/1984
AFJ 2500cc + 100KW Petrol >08/1991
AGT 64/70KW Petrol >08/1985
ASL 64/68/70KW Petrol
ASM 44/57KW Petrol >08/1989
ASN 1700cc Diesel >08/1989
ASP 1700cc Diesel >08/1989
ASR 1600cc Turbo Diesel >08/1989
ASS 1600cc Turbo Diesel >08/1989
AST 44/70KW Petrol
DV 44KW Petrol >11/1983
DW 57KW Petrol >11/1983
DX 1600cc Diesel >11/1983

Syncro 4 Wheel Drive

6P 1900cc + 2100cc Petrol >02/1985
6PA 1900cc + 2100cc Petrol >08/1987
6ZA 1900cc Petrol 02/1985-08/1989
AAK 1900cc + 2100cc Petrol >02/1985
AAN 1900cc + 2100cc Petrol >08/1989
AGZ 1600cc Turbo Diesel 04/1986-08/1989
AHA 1600cc Turbo Diesel >08/1989
AHF 1600cc Turbo Diesel 03/1986-08/1989
AKE 2100cc Petrol 01/1987-08/1989
AKG 2100cc Petrol 11/0986-08/1989
AKK 1600cc Turbo Diesel 04/1989-08/1989
ALE 2100cc Petrol >08/1989
ALK 2100cc Petrol 08/1987-08/1989
AND 1600cc Turbo Diesel 01/1988-08/1989
AVF 1600cc Turbo Diesel >08/1989
AVH 1900cc + 2100cc Petrol >08/1989
AVJ 1600cc Turbo Diesel >08/1989
AVK 1600cc Turbo Diesel >08/1989
AVL 1900cc + 2100cc Petrol >08/1989
AVM 1900cc + 2100cc Petrol >08/1989
AVN 1900cc + 2100cc Petrol >08/1989
AVR 2100cc Petrol >08/1989
AVS 1600cc Turbo Diesel >08/1989
AVU 1900cc + 2100cc Petrol >08/1989

Automatic Gearboxes

FF 57/61/66KW Petrol
FFA 2000cc Aircooled
NG 57/61/66KW Petrol
NH 54/57KW Petrol
NJ 82KW Petrol
NK 70/82KW Petrol
NM 1600cc Turbo Diesel