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15w40 Engine Oil (5 Litre Bottle)

Comma 15w40 Mineral Multigrade Oil

Engine Oil Grades

The viscosity rating of a multi-grade oil is broken down into two parts:

The number before the W is the `winter` or `cold start` rating. The lower the number the thinner the oil. This allows quick flow when the engine is started cold (cold crank). 90% of engine ware happens at this time due to the engine running in a dry state.

The second number is the viscosity rating of the oil at 100C. The higher the number the thicker the oil giving protection of `metal on metal` ware when the engine is hot.

So… Morris straight 30 stays the same viscosity at all engine temperatures. Where a 15W40 starts thin then when the engine is at running temperature it gets thicker.

NOTE: Semi-Synthetic or Synthetic multi-grade oil MUST NOT be used in an air-cooled engine. Only mineral Multi-Grade oils.

This item cannot be shipped overseas.

Manufacturer: Comma


Unit of Measure: Each


Width: 0mm

Height: 0mm

Depth: 0mm

Volume: 0mm3

Weight: 0.1kg

This Part Fits: Beetle, Karmann Ghia, Baywindow, Splitscreen, Type 25, Type 3, Buggy,