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Flamethrower 8mm Black HT Lead Kit - Type 1 Engines

Pertronix Flamethrower 8mm HT Lead set in Black for Type 1 aircooled 1200cc – 1600cc engines.

Often the cause of poor ignition is when your High Tension Leads or HT Leads as they are more commonly known are breaking down and need replacing.

Most modern electronic ignition systems require suppression style wires to preserve sensitive components.  Flamethrower 8mm HT Leads provide enhanced RFI suppression and dual current paths for more power delivered to the spark plug.

HT Leads have a thick outer insulation around a central conductor core.  This thick insulation prevents arcing from the cable to any earthed engine component.  The central core is normally manufactured from copper.

RFI (Radio Frequency Interference) is naturally produced by the spark being radiated by the wires which may cause malfunctions in your electrical equipment.

Various manufactures have come up with various solutions to this problem by suppressing this.

In a nutshell the more electrical equipment you have in your car the better the quality of HT lead you will need.

If you are running electronic ignition then it is vital that you use a good quality set of leads so as not to effect the running of your car.

Product Features:

  • Two current paths for reliability and redundancy.  The primary path is a carbon impregnated fibreglass centre core and the secondary path is a stainless steel alloy.
  • Low 500 ohm per foot resistance
  • 8mm Silicone jacket to resist high temeratures, moisture, oil and chemicals
  • EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Methylene) inner insulation for superior heat resistance and prevention of arcing and voltage leaks
  • Fibreglass reinforcing braid for added stregth and flexibility

Quality: Top quality Pertronix

Quantity: Please Note: These are supplied with an extra long unfinished coil lead designed for performance engines that may have the coil fitted in a non standard location. Requires finishing and crimping before installation.

Fitting: Sold as a set of 5 leads which connect all the spark plugs to the distributor and then a shorter lead which connects the distributor to the ignition coil.

Fitment: These 8mm Flamethrower HT Leads replace the original leads fitted to all 1200cc, 1300cc, 1500cc and 1600cc Type 1 aircooled engines.

Bundle Kit: Also available are the electronic ignition bundle kits, which contain Flamethrower coil, Flamethrower HT Leads and Pertronix Ignitor electronic igntion, see associated products.


VW Beetle: 1960 – 1979

VW Splitscreen Van: 1960 – 1967

VW Baywindow Van: 1968 – 1979

VW Karmann Ghia: 1960 – 1974

VW Type 3: 1961 – 1973

VW Trekker: 1968 – 1983

VW Buggy + Baja: 1960 – 1979

Manufacturer: Pertronix


Unit of Measure: Set


Width: 200mm

Height: 300mm

Depth: 100mm

Volume: 6000000mm3

Weight: 0.5kg

This Part Fits: Beetle, Karmann Ghia, Baywindow, Splitscreen, Trekker, Type3, Buggy


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