New Parts for October 2020

We have been busy adding a few new parts for October 2020 to our ever increasing range. New Parts include Karmann Ghia indicators and door striker plates, Automatic gearbox mounts and gearshift boots, Type 181 Windscreen frame mounts and hood locking pins, Complete lock sets for 1967 and early 1968 Baywindow Buses plus late Splitscreen Buses.

Also available are 3 new repair panels from the BBT Silver Weld Through Primer Series and a clutch cable lever arm for your Splitscreen Bus.

Brand new tailgate and engine lid locks are now available manufactured to a standard that VW would have been happy with back in the day. Gone are the days of paying £150+ for a second hand tailgate push button lock (Yes I really paid this when restoring my 1964 Splitscreen Bus all those years ago!)

Just had your van restored and the paint shop has lost your tailgate guides? Don’t worry we now have you covered with our new tailgate inner and outer guides.

Late Splitscreen Bus cab door check straps have only been available second hand up until now. Not only do we sell check straps, seals, pins and clips separately but if you need a complete set to fit both cab doors then we also now offer a money saving bundle kit.

All the new parts for October2020 listed here are available with an introductory 10% off special offer if purchased before November 1st 2020. Yes that’s right. 10% off our normal price including 10% off our allready discounted Karmann Ghia Indicator and Splitscreen Bus check strap Bundle Kits!

To get your discount on our new parts for September 2020 then use Discount code OCT2020 at checkout.

Karmann Ghia Amber Indicator Lens, Bulb Holder And Seal Bundle Kit – 1970-74

For those of you with Karmann Ghia’s built after August 1969 we now stock these complete front indicator bundle kits.

Kits include a lens, bulb holder and rubber seal. Available for the left and right hand side.

We also stock all of the parts separately if you just need a replacement lens for instance.

Dont forget to use the discount code OCT2020 to get 10% off these new parts for October 2020.

1964 to 1966 Karmann Ghia door striker plate repair kit

Door striker plates often wear over time due to the nature of use. From now on we sell these great little repair kits.

Beetle front gearbox mount (automatic) – 1965-72

Replacement front gearbox mount for use on all Automatic Beetles manufactured before July 1972.

Beetle gear shifter boot (automatic models) – 1968-74

Replacement gear stick boot for use on all Automatic Beetles from August 1967 to July 1974

Type 181 windscreen frame parts

Late Splitscreen and Early Baywindow Bus complete lock set with matching keys

Fed up searching through your bunch of keys looking for the right one? If so then these top quality complete lock sets are what you need. One key fits all the locks. Two new sets are available which now completes our range of Splitscreen and Baywindow Bus complete lock sets.

The first lock set is for use on VW Split Vans made from December 1963 to July 1966 and includes a pair of cab door handles, cargo door handle, ignition lock and rear tailgate push button lock.

The second new set available is for very early Baywindow buses from August 1967 to July 1968.  This is the very first model of Baywindow Bus that had Push button cab door handles just like the later Splitscreen Bus. Other features of the bus include a removable rear valance and have the sliding door lock in the handle, as opposed to below the handle on later baywindows. This lock set includes a pair of cab door handles, sliding door handle, tailgate lock and engine lid lock.

Dont forget to use the discount code OCT2020 to get 10% off these new parts for October 2020.

New Splitscreen Bus repair panels

We have introduced 3 new repair panels for your Splitscreen Bus from March 1955 (The end of the Barndoor) to the end of production in July 1967.

All finished in BBT’s silver weld through primer.

The first repair panel is the engine cradle kit. It can be used to replace or repair the original. It is manufactured in 3 separate pieces.

The second repair panel is the rear torsion bar tube. It is manufactured in 5 pieces to make it easily installable as a whole or part depending on the damage and rot in your original.

The last of our new repair panels for the Splitscreen Bus is the metal bracket that supports the fuel filler neck on the fuel tank. This is the part that you see when you open the fuel flap that surrounds the neck.

Splitscreen Bus clutch cable lever arm – 1955-67

This lever is located on the pedal cluster on all Splitscreen Buses from 1955 to the end of production.

Splitscreen Bus tailgate lock – 1964-66 (push button)

Top quality reproduction tail gate lock for use on all Splitscreen Buses manufactured from August 1963 to July 1966.

Beetle Deck Lid Lock – 1964-65 (Also Splitscreen Bus Engine Lid Lock – 1966 Only) – Top Quality

Splitscreen Bus Rear Tailgate Guides – 1964-67 (Also Baywindow Bus 1968-71)

361827185A – These metal guides are screwed onto the body of the Van around the rear tailgate door opening of all Splitscreen Buses from August 1963 to the end of production in July 1967 and all Baywindow Buses from the start of production to July 1971. One guide is located on each side.

361827195 – A matching guide is then screwed onto the tailgate door itself and when the two meet when the door is closing they make sure that the door enters to opening without damaging the paintwoork of the bus.

Splitscreen Bus cab door check strap Kit – 1964-67

Money Saving Cab Door check strap Bundle Kit for your Late Splitscreen Bus. Replacement cab door check strap kit for use on all Splitscreen Buses from December 1963 to July 1967.

Splitscreen Bus Cab Door Check Strap Kit

All parts of the kit are also available separately.

Get 10% Off these new parts for October 2020 by using discount code OCT2020 before November 1st 2020.

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