Cool Air New Products

It’s Friday which means two important things, it’s nearly the weekend and it’s New Products Day, yes!

Welcome everyone to our weekly New Products blog where we’ll share what’s new on the Cool Air shelves this week or coming very soon.

We source parts from manufacturers and suppliers all over the world and are always looking to bring new products to the UK market from a tiny return spring that’s never been re-manufactured before, to a top quality correct fit “as good as OEM” complete body panel. If it’s out there we’ll do our best to track it down and import it, including many products made in the UK.

At Cool Air we stock products to cover all budgets, from the cheaper reproduction to the high end top quality giving you the flexibility to spend your budget where you see fit, covering nearly all models from a 1949 Beetle, right up to a 2003 T4 Transporter, nearly 55 years of manufacture.

We’ll do our best to cover and feature new products for as many models as we can, but we may not cover the parts for your specific model(s) every week (as we now list over 55,000 products), but we’ll give it a good go!

ON SALE for a limited time

As always when we introduce new products we put them ON SALE for a limited time (usually 30 days) except Bulk Buy items where a discount is already in place, so they’re the best prices available and to help save you a few quid.

New Products For December 18th 2020

This week we’re focusing on just the T3/T25 model, only as our suppliers have released a load of new products at once, so we’ve been through the lists and here’s a few we’re highlighting as they’re definitely worth a feature.

Check out the full listing for NEW PRODUCTS for the whole month HERE

LHD Steering Rack Kit for models WITHOUT power steering

Comes complete with tie rods and boots

251419061KIT – Type 25 Steering Rack Kit – LHD Models Without Power Steering

Part Number: 251419061KIT

Quality: Classic Line

Fitment: T3/T25 all years without power steering

Special Offer: £20 off if ordered before 29th December 2020

Late Syncro Anti Roll Bar drop links, left and right to fit post 1988 vans with cast lower arms

Part Numbers: 251411049J (Left) and 251411049K (Right)

Sold Each

Quality: Classic Line

Fitment: T3/T25 1988 – 1992

Special Offer: £10 off each link if ordered before 28th December 2020

Steering Wheel Horn Press (for steering wheels with a centre button) Genuine VW part in black with VW logo

251419669A – Type 25 Steering Wheel Horn Press

Part Number: 251419669A

Quality: Genuine VW

Fitment: T3/T25 with centre button (not suitable for 2 button steering wheels)

Special Offer: £10 off if ordered before 30th December 2020

Track Control Arms to fit early models from 1979 – 1984, left and right

Part Numbers: 251407153B (left) and 251407154B (right)

Quality: Classic Line

Fitment: T3/T25 up to August 1984

Special Offer: £15 off each arm if ordered before 28th December 2020

Rear Shift Rod Bearing Pin

251711181 – Type 25 Rear Shift Rod Bearing Pin

Located at the end of the rear shift rod on all T3/T25 buses

Part Number: 251711181

Quality: Classic Line

Fitment: T3/T25 1979 – 1992

Special Offer: £15 off if ordered before 27th December 2020