Freddyfiles 2020 Cancelled

Freddy Files in Ninove cancelled

We’ve just heard that the Freddyfiles 2020 show in Ninove has been cancelled.

The show was originally scheduled for this Sunday 15th March 2020.

With lots of people already booked with their ferries and hotels the social network is buzzing with comments and questions.

“Following a communal decrete we are obliged to cancel the freddyfiles meeting of this sunday 15/03/2020. We will do our best to change the date to a later date still to be determined. We thank you for your understanding.”

“Gevolg gevend aan een gemeentelijk besluit moeten we tot onze grote spijt het event van zondag 15/03/2020 annuleren. We gaan ons best doen om het event nadien te laten doorgaan op een nader te bepalen datum. We danken u voor uw begrip.”

“Suite à une directive communale concernant le Coronavirus, nous sommes malheureusement contraint d’annuler le meeting de ce weekend. Le Meeting de Ninove sera reporté à une date ultérieure. Nous vous remercions pour votre compréhension à tous et toutes”

For more information then please visit the office facebook site here

Is this just the first of many VW Show for 2020 to be cancelled?

Watch this space for future information…